One of the most frequently asked questions is,
can you own real estate in Costa Rica?

Yes you can own real estate in Costa Rica, and obtain a "Fee Simple Title".

Real Estate may be owned as an individual or in the name of a Costa Rican Corporation or other business formats, as in North America or Europe.

All laws, real estate or otherwise, apply equally to citizens, foreigners or companies.

Costa Rica has an excellent system of titled land, with titles inscribed in a Central Registry, plus title garantee is available.

a) Any encumbrance or lien that affects the title, must be inscribed in the Official Registration Book.

b) When an inscribed title is "free of encumbrance ", any claim not registered prior to the sale is invalid.

TITLED PROPERTY on the coast normally begins 200 meters back from the average high tide mark (A few exceptions exist on "old time" previously titled properties, which grants a title to within 50 meters of this mark.) This 200 meter strip of land between the water and titled property is divided into two zones:

a) The first 50 meters (164 ft.) from the water is known as an "Inalienable Zone", which cannot be owned, titled or leased (construction not permitted)... This is "Public Land".

b) The next 150 meters are classified as the "Zona Maritimo Terrestre" (Maritime Zone), which may be used under a lease from the nearby municipality. Municipal "Use Permits" (leases), for the 150 meter maritime zones, permit many types of usage, including both residential and commercial construction. Such leases are long term renewable and cost about $1. to $2. per frontage meter of property per year. (There are some exceptions to the leasing of these zones, so each case should be investigated separately.)

LUCRATIVE real estate investment opportunities are now emerging, as the rest of the world has finally discovered Costa Rica! Daily publications throughout the world trumpet Costa Rica's virtues. The "Noble Peace Prize" awarded to the President in 1988, together with this country's warm and generous people and their wondrous National Parks system, have contributed to overcome much of the negative press generated by events in neighboring countries. Tourists and business men are investing in this tiny nation, creating a boom in the real estate and tourist construction sectors while generating demand for all related services. Many rooms, rental vehicles and tours are currently booked solid from three months to three years in advance. (New lodging built within the next few years, face little competition and should mantain high rates nine months per year.)

CARICO REAL ESTATE CO., INC. does not list all properties available in Costa Rica. We specialize in locating under market valued property, using our extensive experience to shift through all possibilities, and the recommend what we consider to be the best values for individual client needs. Listings include developed and undeveloped land in all tourist areas, as well as commercial sites around San Jose.

Money-making real estate opportunities are readily available in Costa Rica, from simply renting out your beach house to small sub-development and lot splits, to full-blown resort possibilities. Our professional staff will be happy to discuss these options and help you in making the appropiate choice. After a visit to CARICO REAL ESTATE CO., INC. offices for an in-depth interview, we will facilitate your visits to various locations around the country. Arrangements can be made with us to hire an agent to accompany you to locations throughout Cost Rica.  This service allows our buyers to concentrate on property selections rather than navigation through foreign territory .  Our first time visitors and ivestors find this service well worth the $200.00/per day fee.  Additionally, this fee will be credited towards any commmissions generated, if the client decideds to use our services.  Yet our personnel are not simple guides -- they are recognized as experts in Costa Rica real estate and investments.

Possible Development Options

Purchase of a Lot and Home Construction...The property becomes a potential income producer upon completion. Our company will interface with local and international agencies, renting and managing the property as desired. This strong rental demand generates continuous income due to Costa Rica's current lack of accomodations in desirable locations.

Investor / Developer Project

This Program is designed for the investor/developer. CARICO REAL ESTATE CO., INC. will locate from 20 to 2,000 acre (or larger) property for you and assist in its management and development, if so desired. 

Long - Term Property Investment

This Program is for the investor who wants to purchase relatively large tracs of land. We now have several large properties for sale at $350 to $2,000 per acre. Again, we can assist in all phases of development, from simply inscribing the property as a forest reserve and protecting tourist development and/or reforestation.

The above scenarios are guidelines. We do not recommend blind purchases, so please come down to sunny Costa Rica and inspect our properties.